86 square meter is how much ton boiler

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  • boiler capacity - engineering toolbox

    Boiler Capacity - Engineering ToolBox

    200 hp x 34.5 = 6900 lbs of steam per hour. Lbs of steam can be converted to hp by dividing lbs steam per hour by 34.5. Example - Lbs of Steam to Boiler Horsepower Conversion. 5000 lbs of steam / 34.5 = 145 hp boiler. Converting Boiler Horse Power (BHP) to kBtu/hr. Boiler Horse Power. 1 BHP = 33479 Btu/hr. 1 Btu/hr = 0.293 Watts. Sponsored Links.

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  • how to calculate furnace tonnage | hunker

    How to Calculate Furnace Tonnage | Hunker

    Divide the result from Step 4 by 12,000 to determine the tonnage requirement of the furnace. In the example, you would divide 35,000 by 12,000 and get 2.92. This home would require a furnace that has a tonnage of approximately 3. Jordan Whitehouse. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jordan Whitehouse has been writing on food and drink, small

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  • online conversion - area calculator

    Online Conversion - Area calculator

    Area Calculator Enter the Length and Width to calculate the Area. Meters: Area in Square Feet: Area in Square Meters . Did you find us useful? Please consider supporting the site with a small donation. click here for more information . BookMark Us It may come in handy. Check out our Conversion Software for Windows.

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  • convert 86 square meters to square feet

    Convert 86 square meters to square feet

    If you want to convert 86 m² to ft² or to calculate how much 86 square meters is in square feet you can use our free square meters to square feet converter: Convert square meters to square feet 86 square meters = 925.7 square feet.

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  • what is the capacity of a boiler if its heating surface

    What is the capacity of a boiler if its heating surface

    Jun 02, 2018· Assume boiler with dimensions 10 x 10 x 20 surface is 10 x 10 x 2 = 200 and 10 x 20 x 4 = 800 total 1000 SM volume is 10 x 10 x 20 = 2000 M^3

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  • convert 86 square meters to square feet - calculateme

    Convert 86 Square Meters to Square Feet - CalculateMe

    A square foot is a unit of area. It is the size of a square that is one foot on a side. It is the size of a square that is one foot on a side. It is 144 square inches, 1/9 th of a square yard, or approximately 0.093 square meters.

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  • square meters in one ton of structural steel - answers

    Square meters in one ton of structural steel - Answers

    One can convert square meters to square feet in a couple of steps. 1 square meter is 10.763 square feet. If one has 20 square meters, one must multiply 20 by 10.763 to …

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  • 1 ton equals to how many square meter - answers

    1 ton equals to how many square meter - Answers

    How much square meter is required for 1 metric ton water? Square metres are an area, a ton is a mass the units are incompatible. Asked in Math and Arithmetic , Units of Measure , Volume

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  • study 12 terms | clt - chapter 9 flashcards | quizlet

    Study 12 Terms | CLT - Chapter 9 Flashcards | Quizlet

    A dock is 200 square feet. How many square meters is it? 1 square foot = 0.093 square meters 1 square meter = 10.764 square feet 200 sq ft x .093 sq meters = 18.6 sq meters A: 18.6 B: 2152.80 C: 367 D: 26.2

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  • 2020 boiler replacement costs | boiler installation prices

    2020 Boiler Replacement Costs | Boiler Installation Prices

    Boiler Installation Cost. Don’t let that $20,000 price tag scare you. According to ImproveNet data, the average boiler installation cost is $4,889 (total cost), with most homeowners spending between $4,242 and $5,858 for a new boiler.. Boiler installation costs are much lower than $20,000 because more often than not, pipes are in place and your home is equipped with all …

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  • metric tons (tonnes) to tons conversion (t to t)

    Metric Tons (Tonnes) to Tons Conversion (t to t)

    The metric ton is an SI accepted unit for weight for use with the metric system. A metric ton is sometimes also referred to as a tonne. Metric tons can be abbreviated as t, and are also sometimes abbreviated as T, Te, or MT. For example, 1 metric ton can be written as 1 …

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  • boiler horsepower to square feet equivalent direct

    Boiler Horsepower to Square Feet Equivalent Direct

    Unit Descriptions; 1 Horsepower (boiler): The energy rate needed to evaporate 34.5lb of water at 212 °F (100 °C) in one hour. Equal to 33,475 BTU/h.

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  • cubic meters ⇄ metric tonnes conversion - ninjaunits

    Cubic Meters ⇄ Metric Tonnes Conversion - NinjaUnits

    Definition of metric tonne of water provided by WikiPedia. The water ton is used chiefly in Great Britain, in statistics dealing with petroleum products, and is defined as 224 imperial gallons (35.96 cu ft; 1.018 m3), the volume occupied by 1 long ton (2,240 lb; 1,016 kg) of water under the conditions that define the imperial gallon.

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  • boiler horsepower - engineering toolbox

    Boiler Horsepower - Engineering ToolBox

    Boiler horsepower - a power unit from the 19 th-20 th centuries - was used to rate the capacity of a boiler to deliver steam to steam engines.. A common definition of one boiler horsepower is the amount of energy required to produce 34.5 pounds (15.65 kg) of steam per hour at pressure and temperature 0 psig (0 bar) and 212 o F (100 o C) - with feed water at pressure 0 psig and …

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  • 1 tph steam boiler heating surface area to calculate – oil

    1 tph steam boiler heating surface area to calculate – oil

    Boiler Calculations surfaces in the boiler: drawing the steam heating Detailed p-h diagram of the PCF boiler steam/water heating process (red line) 9-12 · Richard: Heating surface area of a boiler is usually expressed in square feet (12" x 12" = 144" or 1 sq. ft.), and all too often tubes and firebox sheets are listed

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  • boiler btu calculator - supplyhouse

    Boiler BTU Calculator - SupplyHouse

    Boiler BTU Calculator - Boiler Sizing Calculator - Boiler Sizing - Boiler BTU Calculator. Free shipping on orders over $99 We only ship within the United States. Your Zip: × What is the square footage of your home (the area to be heated)? This field is required. Sq.ft. Q3

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  • 3 ways to calculate square meters - wikihow

    3 Ways to Calculate Square Meters - wikiHow

    • 78%(85)

      How Much Fuel Cost of 25 Tons Gas Boiler Per Hour

      This involves the gas consumption of 25 tons gas boiler, the rated evaporation capacity of the boiler is 25 tons per hour, the thermal efficiency is about 93.2%, the calorific value of natural gas is 35.438MJ/nm3, the radiation heating area is 30.2m2, the convection heating area is 187.4 square meters, economizer heating area is 126.86 square meters

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    • square meters to square feet converter (m2 to ft2)

      Square Meters to Square Feet Converter (m2 to ft2)

      1 Square meter (m²) is 10.763910417 square feet (ft²). To convert square meters to square feet, multiply the square meter value by 10.763910417. For example, to find out how many square feet in a square meter and a half, multiply 1.5 by 10.763910417, that makes 16.1459 square feet in a square meter and a half.

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    • convert cubic meter to ton register

      Convert Cubic Meter to Ton Register

      Instant free online tool for cubic meter to ton register conversion or vice versa. The cubic meter [m^3] to ton register [ton reg] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. Also, explore tools to convert cubic meter or ton register to other volume units or …

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